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GymCore CrossFit WOD Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011

8am: Open Gym/WOD Make-up

9am: “Buddy WOD”
Teams of 2
10 Rounds
10 Box Jumps (alternating jumps with partner)
10 Slam Ball Passes
10 KB Swing Passes

Stretch/Foam Roll

What a great showing today, especially considering it’s Christmas Eve! Everyone had a lot of fun with this WOD and that was the main goal: FUN! After the WOD, we did a little bonus Chorus Line “Simon Says” workout complete with low planks, squats, situps, and one armed high planks. Kat cooled us down and stretched us out with 15 minutes of yoga so we wouldn’t all be sore scrooges on Christmas. Great work everyone. Check out the photos below and Merry Christmas!!!

GymCore CrossFit WOD Friday, Dec. 23, 2011

Dave and David

Strength: 1RM Push Press (NO Jerking!!)

WOD: AMRAP 9 mins.
6 Power Cleans 135/95
6 Clapping Pushups

Tabata Situps (You’re doing this because you’re the original Grinch, right Greg?) -Kara

Stretch/Foam Roll

Clapping Pushups, also known as “Whatever You Can Manage”–Why are you looking at our side of the room, Greg?,  Kara and Kat ask–were completed with varied levels of success at the 6AM: full on, one leg down, both knees down with claps, no claps/knees down. That’s the beauty of CrossFit; you go as far as you can and it meets you where you’re at. Then there are those Tabata Situps and there’s just not much getting around “sit back and sit up.”


GymCore CrossFit WOD Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2011

Monday 4:30PM, rockin’ it!

Strength: 3×3 Press

WOD: AMRAP 12 mins.
3 Hang Squat Snatch 105/75
6 Burpees to 4″
9 V-ups

Stretch/Foam Roll

For those who don’t work out at a CrossFit “Box” it’s just you and your WOD (workout of the day). A testament to the value of our GymCore CrossFit community and that working out in a group is a great motivator, Kara, made it through 5 rounds and 15 reps of the WOD using 25 lbs; only 3 V-ups shy of 6 full rounds.

The Hang Squat Snatch was a new move for me. By the last few rounds I got that moment of a weightless feeling with the bar because I was using the jump to move the bar instead of just muscling it up in front of me. It was also the first workout I’ve done with Burpees. Those were fun (kind of) because I just kept thinking about how it would make me a better surfer; it’s the same move you do to pop up to standing when you’re catching a wave. Yet another reason for surfers to do CrossFit! Maybe we can start calling them Surfies. -Kara

GymCore CrossFit WOD Monday, Dec. 19, 2011

Dave working through the transition of the muscle-up during “Nate”

To achieve a muscle-up, it’s not enough to just have a ring dip and a pullup, though that’s a great start. The core strength it takes to transition from pullup to dip is absolutely necessary, but the move is easier if you have a big, explosive kip in your arsenal.


Strength: 1RM Bench Press

WOD: 5 Rounds
5 SDHP 115/80
10 Pullups (Chest to Bar)
15 Box Jump 24/20

Stretch/Foam Roll

As if 75 box jumps weren’t going to be enough on a Monday, the thermometer read a mere 10 degrees as the 6AM crew walked into GymCore Crossfit this morning. Lucky for them, this is Massachusetts and not Montana so that should be just about as cold as it gets (fingers crossed). Alas, we probably won’t ever be asked to do fewer than 15 box jumps at a time. Newbie Kara, dazed and confused, did an extra round. “So that’s why I felt like I was going to throw up!”


GymCore CrossFit WOD Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011

8am: Open Gym/WOD Make-up

9am: Buddy WOD
Teams of 2
One person rows for calories
One person does SDHPs for reps 70/53
Switch every minute for 4 mins.
rest 1 min.
One person rows for calories
One person does Slam Balls for reps 20/16
Switch every minute for 4 mins.
rest 1 min.
One person rows for calories
One person does KB Push Presses for reps 70/53
Switch every minute for 4 mins.

Total reps (calories are reps too)

Stretch/Foam Roll

GymCore CrossFit WOD Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

New OHS PR for Dave K. 190 lbs. Also congrats to Amy G. 100 lbs (PR)

Strength: 7×3 Box Squats

WOD: Nate   (Also known as: HOLY EARMUFFS!)
AMRAP 20 mins.
2 Muscle Ups
8 KB Swings 70/53

Stretch/Foam Roll



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