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Meet the gym and one of the coaches.  There is no obligation following the free introduction to GymCore CrossFit. On-ramp (how to start) will be discussed during the tour.

This is a great time to ask all the questions you have about CrossFit and GymCore CrossFit. Most frequently asked questions or preconceived notion:

Do you have to be in shape to start and do CrossFit?

No!! The majority of people who start doing CrossFit are out of shape. The best way to get in shape for CrossFit is to start doing CrossFit with a CrossFit Coach.

Is CrossFit really for me?

YES!  Anyone can benefit from our CrossFit training regimen: from age 3-80+, you will become stronger, more agile, and gain balance, coordination, power, stamina, and flexibility.


2 sessions
OnRamp Details
Any one of these onramp session can include up to 5 participants.

These two onramp sessions are the introduction to our program. They total approximately 2-2.5 hours of exercise instruction and preparation for classes. If you are new to CrossFit, it is imperative that you complete these two sessions before attending GymCore CrossFit classes.

Onramp Session #1 Curriculum; Bodyweight and Conditioning (13 Movements/Exercises)

Onramp Session #2 Curriculum; Weightlifting (9 Lifts)

During the Onramp sessions you will be groomed and prepared for how classes operate and assessed to gauge your current abilities for range of motion and flexibility, baseline strength and overall level of fitness. The major movements involved in the program that will be covered and focused on are gymnastic/bodyweight: squat, pushup, pullup, situp, lunge, dip, knees to elbows; weightlifing: front squat, back squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, clean and snatch. Other training tools you will learn to use include kettlebells, rowing machine, jump rope, plyo boxes and medicine balls. Most importantly you are going to learn how to maximize the use of your own body. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: All these movements and subject matter are NOT expected to be perfected before entering classes. The goal is that they are introduced and practiced and that there is a basic understanding of them so when in class it won’t be your first exposure to them. As important it is for you to start learning these many movements, it is equally important that your trainer learns you, your needs, your goals and your current ability/skill level. ALL ABILITY AND SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOMED to begin learning, training and getting into the best shape of your life at GymCore CrossFit!

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