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CrossFit Classes

In class there will be great focus on the continued maturation of body and weightlifting mechanics (introduced during the On-Ramp), as well as, coaching how to handle gradual increases in intensity as one’s skill level, overall ability and work capacity increases. At its fullest potential, CrossFit can be very competitive and conducted as sport, fueled on heavy weight, high intensity and high skilled weightlifting and gymnastic movements. However, the goal is as the intensity ramps up proper mechanics don’t slip very much. It is the job of the coach to monitor every athletes’ mechanics and to cue the athlete for improved mechanics where needed. This way each individual will be performing the movements safely and effectively for the best results in fitness. At GymCore CrossFit, within a class there will be time and space for low intensity beginners, mid-level intensity and high intensity. Remember, the competition is always friendly, fun and motivating of course!

3:30 PM Adults & Teens

In the 3:30pm Classes it is the same program. However, during this specific time there is understanding that younger CrossFit Student-Athletes will be attending. There will be great awareness and assurance of the younger attendee’s safety, modifications/progressions and they will find greater enjoyment and motivation while training among their peers and elders.  (The youngest age recommended at GymCore CrossFit is 13 years old (7th grade). CrossFitters aged 13 to 16 years old, may only attend the 3:30pm class times.)

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